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Solar System kit

The planets orbit around the sun thanks to its energy. Supplied with brush and paints to paint the planets.

(Ref.: A010) P.V.P.: 22,95 €


Solar carousel

Funny and smart, made of wood with gold metal chains, assembled without tools. See prices if you want it hand painted.

(Ref.: A009) P.V.P.: 22,95 €


Solar buzzer cricket

Our undoubted star. A funny bug that vibrates and moves under the sun.

(Ref.: A004) P.V.P.: 7,00 €


Little Solar Turtle

Funny turtle that walks in the sun. In various colors.

(Ref.: A013) P.V.P.: 7,00 €


Solar spider

Spectacular and realistic hairy spider. It isn't poisonous, of course.

(Ref.: A018) P.V.P.: 7,00 €


Solar golden beetle

Smart beetle that moves thanks to sunlight.

(Ref.: A012) P.V.P.: 7,00 €


Solar elephant beetle

Strong beetle that moves thanks to sunlight.

(Ref.: A011) P.V.P.: 7,00 €


Ratón mouse

Funny rodent that scurries under the sun.

(Ref.: B014) P.V.P.: 7,00 €


Micro Solar Car

The world's smallest solar car. High technology in 3 cm.

(Ref.: A002) P.V.P.: 7,00 €


Solar cockroach

Friendly bug that will never be a pest.

(Ref.: A014) Check availability


Solar ant

Fun and tireless ant with solar energy.

(Ref.: B003) Check availability


Solar bee

Funny bee that moves under the sun.

(Ref.: B005) Check availability


Solar crab

Funny crab that moves thanks to sunlight.

(Ref.: A007) Check availability


Solar seagull

Subject to a windy or a metallic base, it flaps under the sunlight.

(Ref.: B004) Check availability


Butterfly solar - battery

Butterfly that flutters in the garden, a pot or wherever you choose. It may incorporate a battery to operate even at night.

(Ref.: C025) Check availability


Solar Butterfly

Elegant and fun butterfly that flutters anywhere.

(Ref.: C034) Check availability


Solar flower pot Flip Flap

A nice pot that is not necessary to water. In various colors.

(Ref.: A016) Check availability

coche deportivo

Micro Racing Car

Fast car powered by solar energy.

(Ref.: A001) Check availability


Micro Solar Car in red

Fast car powered by solar energy, with mobile front wheels.

(Ref.: A005) Check availability


Miniature solar car kit

Funny and simple solar car.

(Ref.: A017) Check availability


Peque solar

The little house charge the car battery with its solar panel. And let's fun.

(Ref.: B001) Check availability


Solar horse 3x1

Funny photovoltaic kit that allows three different mounts, and make the horse galloping or let it fly as a winged pegasus.

(Ref.: B009) Check availability


Solar Robot Dinosaur 4x1

Solar robot that can be mounted as mechanical dinosaur, insect and vehicle.

(Ref.: B008) Check availability


Solar robot 3x1

Solar robot that can be mounted as mechanical scorpion and as a tank.

(Ref.: B006) Check availability


Solar kit 7x1

7 different mounts. The solar power plant charges a battery that allows work the other vehicles.

(Ref.: C024) Check availability

7x1 space

7x1 Solar space fleet

To mount 7 different models with which embark on the conquest of space, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

(Ref.: C033) Check availability


Solar kit 14x1

For the whole family. Perfect for schools and workshops. Allows 14 different assemblies, which are powered by the PV cell.

(Ref.: C032) Check availability


Educational Solar kit 6x1

To assemble without tools 6 different vehicles that run on solar energy. Simple, fun and educational.

(Ref.: C005) Check availability


New Solar kit 6x1

Original, fun and educational. 6 different mounts, solar-powered.

(Ref.: C026) Check availability


Spider solar robot

With its 8 legs progresses extracting energy from sunlight.

(Ref.: C003) Check availability


Solar Carousel aircraft

Fun and elegant carousel, with rotatingairplanes powered by solar energy.

(Ref.: C013) Check availability


Wind turbine with solar cell

Three paddles white wind turbine, powered by a high efficiency solar cell. It has a height of 30 cm.

(Ref.: D012) Check availability


Wooden Windmill

Wooden and 30 cm high. Easy to assemble.

(Ref.: D011) Check availability


Metallic Wind Turbine

Elegant simulation of a wind turbine that moves the blades thanks to photovoltaic cells that carries at its base. 50 cm in height. It has a bright LED on the top.

(Ref.: B021) Check availability


Solar Black Hawk

High-tech aircraft that is rotated by solar energy.

(Ref.: C035) Check availability


Solar Minion

Cute character that dances merrily..

(Ref.: B013) Check availability


Solar ghost

Friendly ghost who does not shun sunlight.

(Ref.: C030) Check availability

You also can download it here, in PDF format (Sorry, only in Spanish)

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